New Belle Bella IPL Device For Permanent Hair Removal - No More Shaving!

    "Get permanent hair removal without paying thousands. Get professional results while saving time and money..."

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    If you are sick and tired of spending time shaving or worse yet paying someone to rip your hair out via waxing you need to read this.

    Sometimes, a girl just says enough is enough. The things it takes to look and feel your best is seriously exhausting. Between doing your makeup, dressing cute, getting your nails done it would be nice to catch a break. Thankfully, a new startup called Belle Bella IPL Device has invented a device that is helping women cut down on not only beauty maintenance but also saving them thousands of dollars at the same time.

    After testing out this revolutionary device it’s easy to see why their device went viral.

    Belle Bella IPL Device promises to eliminate unwanted hair using intense pulsed light technology otherwise known as IPL. It also promises healthier and silkier skin after 7-11 treatments. But is it really as great as they claim? We decided to test the product ourselves...

    What is it?

    Belle Bella IPL Device is an easy-to-use DIY device that uses FDA-approved intense pulsed light technology to keep you hair-free. This small device works by penetrating your skin and targeting your hair root follicle with a light wave that kills the root. The best part is that they are currently selling the device for less than 1 professional laser treatment! This allows you to get quick and professional laser hair removal results from the comfort of your own home without spending the thousands it costs to get done in a salon.

    Unlike going into a salon Belle Bella IPL Device can be used from the comfort of your own home. A lot of women have wanted to try laser but they really don’t feel comfortable having a stranger look at every inch of their body. With this device, you are able to do treatments when you want and where you want without having to undress for a stranger.

    How Does It Work?

    The device uses FDA-cleared technology that has been approved as a safe yet highly effective way to eliminate unwanted body hair. 

    It's remarkably effective and can actually be used anywhere on your body, including your face and bikini area.

    IPL is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of light that destroy the hair follicle. It had been performed experimentally for about twenty years before becoming commercially available in 1996. Intense pulsed light hair removal is widely practiced in clinics by professional estheticians and on average costs around $147 for a single treatment by a licensed professional.

    After 11 years of research Dr. Kim, who leads the Belle Bella IPL Device research and development team of scientists developed a safe and cost-effective prototype that finally made IPL technology accessible to the home market. After the product passed safety inspections the startup was funded by a billionaire with ties to the beauty industry. The company launched in late 2018 and within 12 months the company had sold over 1 million units worldwide and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in 2019 by the Beauty Insider

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    "What Makes Belle Bella IPL Device so Unique?

    ✔ Very Comfortable

    Unlike getting laser done professionally there is no pain associated with IPL. There is a slight tingling sensation but there is no rubber band snapping feeling like when you get laser done in the salon. Obviously, this device doesn’t have the same intensity level as professional laser machines so you can rest assured that it’s safe as long as you follow the directions. Belle Bella IPL Device replicates professional results without the pain associated with a super-powered machine that damages the skin.

    "Affordable Permanent Hair Removal Say Goodbye To Painful Waxing & Annoying Shaving For Good"

    Compact and Convenient:

    Going in to have professional laser hair removal done is a pain, literally and figuratively. That’s why Belle Bella IPL Device can be used where you want whenever you want. The product is small yet highly effective which makes it the perfect DIY personal use device. If you are someone that is often on the go it’s small enough to just throw into your purse or carry on luggage if you want to use it while traveling.

    ✔Easy To Use:

    The problem we often see with a lot of modern gadgets is that they can be difficult to use, especially the first time. Thankfully Belle Bella IPL Device isn’t like most high-tech gadgets and is extremely easy to use. Using the product is literally as easy to use as 1- Plug it in, 2- Select power level, 3- Start using. Even those with no technical abilities will have zero issues getting the product to work.

    "Who Can Benefit From Belle Bella IPL Device?

    Just about everyone can use it. With that being said their current model isn’t suitable for people with very dark skin or people with white or grey hair. They are actively working on a new product launch to cover all skin and hair types but that product hasn’t been released to the public yet.

    This device is also recommended for not only women but men as well. In fact, nearly 30% of Belle Bella IPL Device customers are currently men believe it or not. The startup currently has over 17,000 five-star reviews from people all over the world.

    "You can benefit from Belle Bella IPL Device if you:


    ✅ Want Permanent Hair Removal
    ✅ Are you Tired Of Wasting Time Shaving
    ✅ Want To Save Money & Time
    ✅ Don’t Want To Undress Infront Of Stranger
    ✅ Want To Have Healthier & Silkier Skin
    ✅ Are Willing To Follow The Easy To Use System

    Permanent Hair Removal Or Your Money-Back!

    In 1996 the FDA listed IPL as an approved technology for permanent hair removal. Like with most technology it started out very expensive but over the years has become more and more affordable. For some reason, the professional salon usually charges around $140-170 per treatment on average. Thanks to the Beauty Product Reviews at-home IPL device people can get permanent hair removal at an affordable price. Belle Bella IPL Device product costs less than one session at most professional laser hair removal clinics which is why it’s so popular. The company is so sure that their customers will love the results that they even Offer Customers a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

    Why Choose Belle Bella IPL Device?

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    Is This Really Better Than Shaving?

    Could this "IPL technology" really remove hair forever?

    Just like you, my major concern is saving time and money. I feel that saving all the time I waste shaving my legs and saving thousands of dollars on removing my hair would be a no-brainer.

    Do you remember the last time you shaved your legs without a single nick?

    No matter how experienced you are at shaving, it is still something that is bound to happen. Many people accidentally nick themselves every single time they shave. It happens.

    Sometimes, just one simple decision could be the difference between a life of shaving in the shower and a life without having to use a razor ever again.

    Are you ready to take the next step in living a hair-free life? Imagine never having to shave in the shower again, never having another nick ever again. And save up to $500 every year in the process.

    We already ordered ours at their company website and will be writing a follow-up piece on the results, we strongly encourage you to do the same.

    If you're not fully satisfied, return it for a full refund. Who knows, maybe this could be the one little decision that will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. It’s a WIN-WIN Situation. Order yours today and write us about your experience. Best of luck!

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    Final Thoughts:

    With Belle Bella IPL Device, waxing and shaving become a thing of the past. Say goodbye to shaving every few days and that annoying prickly stubble.

    You will never have to experience a stranger jerking hair out of your most sensitive areas. From now on, you’ll Relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home with the Belle Bella IPL Device.

    Right now, as long as supplies last, Belle Bella IPL Device has a generous 50% Discount for anyone that buys a bundle. When you purchase the Belle Bella IPL Device plus the glasses and Post Treatment Gel, they will also pay for Free-Shipping.

    You’ll also receive a Lifetime Warranty, which covers your device should anything happen to it

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long does it take to see results?

    Individual results will vary from person to person. Most people will begin to see noticeable results after 5-8 Bellebella Device sessions.

    What color hair does Belle Bella work on?

    Belle Bella's hair removal system work on nearly all hair and skin types. People with light brown, brown & black hair will result quicker than people with lighter colored hair such as blonde.

    How Long Does Shipping Take?

    We send all orders via United States Postal Service (USPS) or other courier options within 1-3 business days. Due to extremely high demand please allow 9-11 business days for your order to arrive. If you have any questions about your order email us at

    What Is Your Return Policy?

    We offer a 90 day return period on all orders. Please refer to our terms & conditions for details.

    How does Bellebella Device Work?

    Intense pulsed light weakens the hair follicle, removes the hair root, and stops hair regrowth.

    Is This Device Safe?

    The Belle Bella hair removal system is very safe to use when done correctly. IPL technology was approved by the FDA as a safe hair removal method in 1996. Please follow the instructions and you will have no problems.

    Is Using The Belle Bella Device Painful?

    No, there is no pain that should be associated with treatments. There are 5 strength settings so you can find what works best for you. We suggest you start with the lowest setting and then gradually increase to find the level that's right for your skin.

    What do the glasses do and do I need them?

    The Belle Bella device uses IPL technology that is extremely bright and can be harmful when looked directly at without protective glasses. 

    Nearly all of our customers purchase glasses with their purchase because we offer them at a significant discount.

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